Raak IGS

Raak IGS B.V. has been the trading company, as well as the partner for international contacts of Raak Group since 2016. Initially Raak was founded in 1967 for the review and monitoring of natural gas reduction plants. Over the years, the company has grown into a holding company (Raak Group) with three companies. The core activities have moved to station building which is accomodated by Raak Installatiebouw. The activities related to certification of industrial natural gas installations (Scios 7A and 7B) are accomodated by Raak Engineering since 2008.


The vision of IGS is to combine the best of Raak Group, and to display knowledge internationally. In the Netherlands, Raak Group has been active in the natural gas industry for decades, and is specialist in building gas stations for the regional grid operators (low pressure). Partly as a result of the partnership with ZIL, high-pressure stations have been built for both the national and international markets. As a result Raak Group has become an allround specialist in a market where suppliers are more likely to benefit the mass. This creates opportunities in which IGS will focus on.


Raak IGS has a strategic partnership with ZIL. ZIL's core business is the design and development of customized measurement and control stations. With its associated companies, complex gas infrastructure is delivered worldwide through a highly experienced and specialized team. From the United Kingdom, a wide range of project services are being offered, which are constantly under development as a result of the continuously changing needs of its customers. In the collaboration Raak manifests itself as "Group" since of the various disciplines Raak Installation for Stationery, Raak Engineering for Boiler Rooms, Raak IGS for measurement and control devices. Gascat is also active in this regard.